Monday, February 16, 2009

Parenting Under the Influence

In this rapidly changing world, there’s one thing that never changes: we all want to make sure that our kids grow up healthy, happy, and most of all, capable of dealing with life in the 21st century. How can we, as parents, educators and care-givers help them?

I recently took part in a webcast panel discussion on the ways that drug and alcohol abuse affect children.

In “Parenting Under the Influence” myself and co-panelists Christine Sloss and Steve Hall discuss issues such as:

When does parental substance use become a problem?
How many substance abusers are parents?
What is life like for kids of substance abusers?
How does parental substance abuse affect kids’ learning?

Visit the website to view the webcastalong with my list of indications that a child may be living with family substance abuse., is a community resource for advice, news, interactive tools, and the latest educational research. It’s all designed to help you help your kids succeed in learning, and in life. brings together parents, care-givers, and education experts in a welcoming, online community.

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